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IPI-Group Portfolio

Eiendomsfond Tyskland I AS

Berlin, Germany

In 2006-07 we bought 1 400 apartments in Berlin which we operated and managed to 2015, when they were all sold at a profit. With some 250 Norwegian partners, this is our largest project to date. 

Bolig Berlin AS

Berlin, Germany

The company bought in 2009 – 10 two modern ”Stadtvillas” in south Berlin with a total of 17 apartments. They were let on long term contracts, and the building were sold “en bloc” in January 2017. Stabile rental market in combination with low finance costs to the buyer produced healthy profits to the partners. Berlin remains as a focus area for IPI, but the very restrictive rental regulations limit future income, even in a market of high demand. IPI Management AS managed the company with a German rental manager for the day-to-day business. 

Champions Vue Apartments

Florida, USA

The U.S. is the world’s largest real estate market. After the financial recession of 2007-10 the values have rebounded as we predicted. Florida is one of the most rapidly growing states, and property values are again on the increase. Through IPI North America LLC, Orlando, established in 2009, we have gained experience and understanding of the market. In partnership with a local developer we have designed a 326 units multi-family project to be built southwest of Orlando. Due to low investor interest in Norway and funding difficulties we have, however, our shares were sold in the Spring of 2012 to the US partner (at a modest profit).

Miraflores Hills

Malaga, Spain

IPI had great success with its construction of 56 apartments in Mijas Costa near Malaga. Sold during 2003, the investors made about 100 % return over the three year period, from the land was bought to sales were completed. We believe this success story can now be repeated. We have therefore recently established IPI Eco Developers SL, Malaga; which will be in charge of development of new projects. Our manager director, Amir Nahavandi, has been in chrage of construction of over 1 300 apartments and houses in the area over the last 35 years. He was IPI’s project manager of the Miraflores Hills development.

La Katria, Costa del Sol

Malaga, Spain

We are acting as advisors to the owners of La Katria, a property of some 110,000 m2 of beautiful south facing land located in the municipality of Mijas, Malaga. Planning permission allows for construction of 140 town houses, six villas and a small commercial centre. Having spent 10 years to obtain planning, the owners are now prepared to sell the project with its licenses or to enter into a joint venture with one or more financially strong investors. 

Other IPI Projects